How much revenue have we generated for members through referrals?
Lifetime generated referral business for our chapter:
$ 0


TYFCB (Thank You For Closed Business):

Whenever you generate revenue as a result of a BNI referral please submit the ‘Thank You For Closed Business’ (formally BNI Bucks) into BNI Connect. You should speak to the revenue at the end portion of the next meeting you attend and identify where the revenue came from.


Please remember to enter your visitors’ details into BNI Connect prior to the meeting which they will attend. This allows our visitor hosts to anticipate their arrival and be better prepared.

Member Bio form:

Every member should have a current biography on file whenever conducting a 10 minute presentation within the chapter. If you have not, or yours is out of date for some reason, please complete the linked PDF, print it out, and provide to your chapter's secretary/treasurer.
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